We invite you to a meeting of tuning and super sports cars and motorcycles

Already on Saturday, July 24, we invite you to a meeting of all those who were enchanted by the sound of frightened pipes and the beauty of super-lubricating cars and tuning parishes - to the Outlet Rideout.

The event will start at four o'clock. In addition to the exhibition of tuning and supersport cars and motorcycles, you can look forward to an interesting accompanying program, which will include a performance by Marek Kalus, who will demonstrate his often nerve-racking tricks on the Triumph Daytona 675 2010. The stunt show lovers will be pleased that Marek is the only in the world, who rides this motorcycle racing. And that's not all! The action is much more important and overlap, because…

As part of the voluntary entrance fee, you will contribute the amount you will pay to help twenty-three-year-old Filip Vlk, who had a serious motorcycle accident a year ago in July and ended up in an unfortunate combination of circumstances paralyzed and dependent on a wheelchair. The money raised will be given to Filip for his rehabilitation and a specially adapted car that will help solve his everyday challenges that life brings him. For this reason, the organizers of the event included a first aid course as one of the points of the program. It should shed light on how to react quickly and correctly in situations where minutes of play and adequate rational reactions are at stake. Find out how and when not to manipulate the injured person. You will be able to try a heart massage on a mannequin under the guidance of MUDr. Jan Karczmarczyk, head of the rescue service in Třinec. And you will learn how they can help the wounded. Organizers Turn it on! so they want to raise awareness about saving the lives and health of road users so that the consequences of these accidents are as light as possible.

There will also be several competitions during the day: for the lowest car, the so-called Car limbo, a competition for how many people can fit in one car, and for who will ride the slowest 10 meters on a motorcycle. We are already excited about who will win! The evening program includes a special Bike Life show, where Josef Miča, a racer in a car with Marek Kalus on a motorcycle, will take care of his excitement with his drifts. And there were fewer such stories.

The Arena Moravia Outlet will contribute CZK 5 to Filip's account for each customer who visits the outlet by 5 pm on Saturday. Do you also like beautiful cars, motorcycles and adrenaline? Bet on the Outlet Rideout and contribute to a good cause with us.

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