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FADE Clearance

Welcome to the newly opened FADE CLEARANCE store, which will offer you a range of modern and luxurious goods from world-famous brands such as Calvin Klein, Marciano and Guess. In the store you will find goods from older collections at low, sale prices.

Calvin Klein is an American designer known as a minimalist with a sense of detail. Calvin founded his company in 1968, when he specialized only in denim clothing. In 1982, he introduced his first collection of underwear, which became the best-selling in the world. Today, Calvin Klein is a global lifestyle brand that exemplifies modern and sophisticated style. It offers clothes, shoes and accessories of the highest quality.

GUESS is one of the most famous fashion companies in the world thanks to its first-class image and charming collections. In 1980, denim was obsolete and fashionable. However, the founders of the brand, the Marcian brothers, combined European style with traditional American fabric and changed the perception of denim forever by creating a sensual, innovative and timeless line by Marilyn Jean. The basis of the brand's success is innovative advertising, which focuses on the brand image rather than on specific products and thus expresses attitude and lifestyle.

Fade Clearance

Outlet Arena Moravia
Hlučínská 1170
Moravská Ostrava


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