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Since 1997, BUSHMAN has been focusing on the development and production of real clothing that can withstand almost anything and cleverly connects and combines materials, cuts and properties of military, work and outdoor clothes. As we also like to travel and love adventure, we know what people need on their journeys.                                                                  

Under the BUSHMAN brand, we have so far created over thirty practical and well-thought-out collections of clothes and accessories which have given rise to our own distinctive style. The basis of the collection always consists of proven products, the functionality and reliability of which have been tested for a long time. We don't make clothes for one season, we do not succumb to current fashion and we always try to go our own way - just like you.

In BUSHMAN hardwear you can walk in the mountains, walk through the forest or desert. You can go out with a dog, go fishing, for a beer. You can go to work, to the field, to the garden. You can always rely on its support. And after washing, you'll still feel in these clothes just as comfortable, anywhere in civilization and in the bush - and you'll still have your own style.

BUSHMAN is a brand of natural and low-key clothing for people who want to always be a little closer to nature, ready to enjoy the adventures of everyday life, face the unpredictable and feel relaxed in every situation, on every expedition. They love nature, travel, discovery and new challenges of everyday life, and most importantly they want to feel and look good. It all means being BUSHMAN.

Our philosophy is to be guided by reason but also to follow naturalness and authenticity. We always put timelessness and practicality above passing fashion trends. In the BUSHMAN collections you will find comfortable and elaborated clothes for walks in the nature, challenging business meetings as well as relaxed moments with family and friends.

The best materials you can trust during your journeys to the wilderness or in city parks come from nature. BUSHMAN manufactures clothing almost exclusively from cotton, leather, wool, bamboo and linen. We process traditional fabrics in modern ways, and we are thus able to ensure their above-standard properties and their really long durability. In addition, clothing and equipment made from natural materials can be easily disposed of or recycled at the end of their life. It's time to go!


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Moravská Ostrava


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